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Bi-directional data,Audio and video with solid COFDM modulation link at unbelievable price 


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HD- COFDM Camera transmitter



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About us

JENICONIX MICROWAVE SOLUTION has been designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing world class, various types of wireless data and video equipments for more than 20 years and now we are pioneer in providing long range HD video link systems. We developed indigenous unique technology that enabled high performance HD video link to be cost-effective affordable. All solutions and technologies are designed and developed at our lab eliminating expensive imported sub assemblies, components which reduce the final system cost. We have gained considerable experience and developed innovative technology in this specialist field. 

We are proud to be recognized as the HD link Experts, providing real-time high quality video and data solutions to customers in defense, law enforcement, broadcast, and the first responder communities.

Our quality policy never allows using cheap Chinese or substitute components at any of our system. Our strict rigorous quality control not only limit in our production line but also  conduct a real time on field test to ensure every product delivered from JENICONIX has its standard of reliability and quality.

Our products are wildly used in military, government, news broadcast, R/C helicopter, UAV, ECCM, Radar, farm industry, mine and commercial such as photography and videography. We keep on researching and innovating in the wireless high speed mobile video transmission industry based in LOS/NLOS environments, especial for Live DSNG, unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV), airborne area and soldier man-pack areas.

As a leader in real-time COFDM microwave transmission, JENICONIX has built up a strong foundation with extensive experience supporting customers around the world. We strive to maintain a local presence with direct access and minimal lead times in all our markets.

JENICONIX is proud of our history of innovation and committed to develop innovative solutions for domestic and commercial application introducing new technologies at affordable cost.

JENICONIX provide our customers maximum flexibility without compromising the quality and reliability required for professional broadcast applications or for mission critical information. JENICONIX products allow our customers to deliver their digital content quickly and easily anywhere it is needed – whether on a live stage, a network center or to first responders in the field at a crisis site.

Our research and development wing is supported by well experienced engineers not only shrink the lead time for custom build solutions but also reduces the total cost.

JENICONIX welcomes you to experience our technical solutions and gain maximum profit and simplicity of each custom made solution. We invite your custom made idea to make in to reality, how big or small it doesn’t matter. Our technical/commercial team will work shoulder to shoulder with you to deliver the best possible solution at unbelievable low cost.